Science Club
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                                Brittany and Juan building robotic arm

The Science Club is the place for students who are interested in science  to learn about all fields of science to improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. We discuss how to use this conceptual basis for applications in the real world. Trips are taken to museums, aquariums, and state parks. 

When and where do we hold Science Club meetings?
Meetings will be on every Wednesday, during working days, after school in Room 315.

How do students join the club?
At the beginning of each year, you can sign up during the club rush. You will receive a science newsletter to share with your parents. The newsletter has a registration form that must be signed and returned by a specific deadline. 

What are the Science Club rules?
Good behavior is expected at all science club events. Behavior that puts the safety of others at risk results in the loss of science club privileges for the remainder of the year. Members with failing grades are considered ineligible until those grades improve.