Class Syllabus

Angry Bulldog Outline.pngCLASS SYLLABUSAngry Bulldog Outline.png

Title of the course:

9th Grade Literature

10th Grade Literature and Composition; World Literature

Teacher of the course:

Ms. P. Journey


Teacher Contact Information:

(478) 472-8579 ext. 5802


Course Description:

This course is designed to expose students to content that aligns with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for appropriate literature for Ninth and Tenth-Grade students. The course will focus on a study of literary genres to develop student’s understanding of both the structure and the meaning of a work of literature. The student will develop initial understanding of the way the form of a work of literature affects the meaning of the work and of the process of interpreting a text. The student will read thoughtfully and purposefully, constantly checking for understanding of the author’s intent and meaning in order to determine a sound interpretation. 


Rules and Expectations:

Expectations: During your 9th/10th grade year, you will have to live up to specific expectations in this class. You will be on time and attempt all work assigned to you when it is assigned. You will treat yourself and others with respect, including your work. No work will be accepted torn, folded, rolled, or otherwise misshapen. Hand in work that represents you. Remember: your behavior represents more than just you.

Cell Phone policy: NO CELL PHONES are permitted in class. Consequences for cell phone usage are as follows:

  • 1st offense: Cell phone will be confiscated. Parent contact will be made to set up a conference with an administrator and the device will be released to the parent. A review of the cell/phone electronic device guidelines and contract will be conducted during the conference.
  • 2nd offense: The cell phone will be confiscated. The parent/guardian of the student may reclaim the cell phone/electronic device from an administrator after five school days have passed.
  •  3rd offense: The student will be banned from having a cell phone on campus and any further infractions of the contract/policy may result in disciplinary hearing.

Late Work/Redo policy: No late work will be accepted if it is not turned in on the day it is due and at the time it is due. If you do not attempt it, the zero will stand. Likewise, if you have an unexcused absence, the zero will stand. Make up work will only be given to students with EXCUSED absences (you have three days to make up the work from the day you return). However, if you try an assignment, the 3 redo opportunity policy will still be in effect.

Plagiarism: Cheating of any form WILL NOT be accepted. Copying from a classmate, the internet, or handing in work not in your own handwriting will earn you a zero that will not be changed unless there is a meeting held with your guardian and an administrator. There is a difference between working together and cheating. Working together is acceptable: cheating is not!

Grading: You will be graded based on the MCHS grading. Test grades will consist of quizzes, tests, projects, and essays.

Daily grades will consist of your openings, classwork, and homework (yes, you will be assigned homework occasionally)


All other rules and policies are the same:

  •  No eating in class
  • Come prepared to class (I am not responsible for your materials)
  • No cursing
  • No horseplay
  •  All other rules and regulations provided in the student handbook