Mrs. Twinkle Mark

Twinkle Sarah S. Mark

Science Bio


I, Mrs. Mark, am the Science Chair at the Macon County High School. I have a Master’s in Chemistry and Bachelor’s in Education and Computer Science. I am a highly qualified teacher in Science and Mathematics and has ten years of teaching experience in India. I taught AP Chemistry and AP Environmental Science.

 I scored 190/200 in PRAXIS Chemistry content knowledge, which was the highest score of that date. I am computer savvy and the lead coach for the Robotics Club at Macon County High School. I extended the capacity of my students to receive admirable prizes in the regional science fair. I was selected as STAR teacher during 2012-13 and 2013-14, and the Teacher of the Year for 2018-2019.             

I worked with the Georgia Department of Education in evaluating the End of Course Test items for Coordinate Algebra and Physical Science, and involved in developing Study Guide and Achievement Level Descriptors for Physical Science during summer 2017. I am a Georgia Ambassador of Science who trained my co-workers on new Science standards.

I am enthusiastic about being a GIFT (Georgia Intern Fellowship for Teachers) teacher which brought me an opportunity to work with local businessmen and colleges to be a bridge between the students’ education and their future career. 95% of my students passed the Physical Science End of Course Milestones during the year 2017-18.

 My passion is to teach Science and Mathematics to young kids and to motivate them to excel in same areas. I want to see a change in the trend of students thought like “I can’t make it, I don’t know, Is it possible?” into “I want to be a mathematician or an engineer or a doctor etc. after graduation”.

Class Schedule:

7:55 - 8:55 Period 1: Physics

8:59 - 9:58 Period 2: Honors Physical Science

                10:02 - 10:32       Bulldog Power Extension Time
10:36 - 11:26 Period 3. Planning
11:30 - 1:19 Period 4: Chemistry
11:41 - 12:16       Lunch

1:23 - 2:22 Period 5: Physical Science

2:26 - 3:30 Period 6: Physical Science