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Media and Technology Specialist: Sarah Barfield, M.Ed.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 7:30 AM-3:30 PM

Please use the links on the left to explore the media center's online resources. 

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The high school media center is open to all students and faculty. Our goal is to provide all patrons with the resources necessary to aide them in all aspects of learning for education and pleasure.  

Student athletes work on a math project for graphing tangent functions. 

The media center is the hub of the school where students come to research, learn, and collaborate. 

Anyone can read online or download books from Project Gutenberg for free. There are over 56,000 books available, and it continues to grow. 

Project Gutenberg

All students can access our selection of e-books by clicking the Mackin Via icon link below.
Site: Macon County High School 

Username: MCHS8579    
Password: bulldogs



The Digital Public Library of America is a free resource that has primary sources of information that will be excellent for completing research projects and papers. 


Teachers and students can sign up for a FREE account at to read fiction and nonfiction articles or short stories that are designed to help INCREASE reading comprehension. The entire site is driven by cognitive science research, and it offers something for all students in grades PK-12. Articles are leveled by grade and lexile. 


Anyone can use our MCHS Symbaloo for research, learning, and just for fun. 



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